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New officials class information

2021 October 01

New Officials Class The first year officiating course for the 2021-22 basketball season will begin October 24 10/24 5-8 Zoom 10/25 6-8 Zoom 10/30 9-12 Gym Time location TBA 11/1 6-8 Zoom 11/6 9-12 Gym Time location TBA 11/7 5-8 Zoom 11/8 6-8 Zoom 11/13 9-12 Gym Time location TBA 11/14 5-8 Zoom 11/15 6-8 Zoom For more information or to sign up, contact Andrew Wilde at 330-647-2867 email at andrew.wilde@hotmail.com

Business meeting notes

2021 October 27

Meeting 2 in the books: great to see everyone the first two meetings. Please make the Nov 1& 2 meetings to learn of the voting process for members eligible to work tournament games led by John Mang Jr The business meeting highlights include the nomination and closing for the EC 2022/2023. The nomination committee presented the following slate President: John Mang, Jr Vice President: Ann Martin Sec/Treasure: Adam Shaffer Rules: Drew Saluga Mechanics: Andrew Wilde There were no nominations from the floor. Committees * approval to pay $300 to the RI,M and $600 to Sec/treasure. * social: is working on a 1/17/2022 event *grievance: will report on reported issues *Code of regulations- no changes *Education: 8 local new class members Thank you all that stayed for the business meeting. And as always huge thank you to Len Holman for assistance in the meeting protocol. See you Monday(6:30 start and business meeting to follow) Zach Dankovich, President Ps.. as reported at the meeting attendance should be in by tomorrow 5pm. If you have an issue please contact via email to the secretary

Business meeting notes

2021 November 01

The second Business meeting was held which had a presentation from the Grievance committee. They informed the association that there was an issue filed but never made it through to a formal matter. The grievance committee investigation closed that matter. The association voted in the officers, all one year terms, for the 2022/2023 season to commence April 1, 2022. President- John Mang Jr., Vice President-Ann Martin, Secretary/Treasurer- Adam Shaffer, Rules Chief- Drew Saluga, Mechanics Chief- Andrew Wilde. Laura Wymer did raise the issue that member attendance for the business meetings needs addressed. The EC agreed.


2021 November 01

Please pay dues live at meetings coming in October 2021

Member search

2021 November 15

To find information on a ref in our association 1- mvboa.com 2-members tab..upper right hand corner 3- find refs name 4- hit the name and it will take you into myohsaa.org 5- enter your credentials and it will open to that officials information The mvboa.com is open to the public but to get personal information you need your myohsaa.org credentials to get further information.


2022 January 16

Social will be held at the Austintown Eagles. More information to follow.